Dr. Johnny Ryan

Department of Geography

University of Oregon

Condon Hall, Eugene, OR 97403


I grew up in Beverley, East Yorkshire and attended Hymers College, Hull. I studied Geography at the University of Nottingham and received a Master’s degree in Polar Studies at the University of Cambridge. I completed my PhD in Geography at Aberystwyth University, Wales in 2018 and was a postdoc at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society (IBES) for four years before starting at the University of Oregon in 2021.

My research aims to understand how the cryosphere and climate interact so that we can better forecast the societal consequences of Arctic warming through the 21st century. I approach this goal using a combination of satellite and remotely-piloted aircraft remote sensing and targeted fieldwork campaigns. See Research and Methods pages for more information about my ongoing projects. I also post research updates on my Twitter.