Johnny Ryan's Research Website

Department of Geography, University of Oregon


Welcome to my website. I am a Physical Geographer interested in Arctic environmental change and its impact on people at local to global scales. Most of my research involves the use of satellite and uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing to understand key cryospheric processes. My studies of albedo, hydrology and snowfall have directly contributed to forecasts of ice sheet contributions to global sea-level rise  (see CV). The significance of this research is reflected by first-author publications in journals such as Science Advances, Nature Communications, and Geophysical Research Letters (see Publications).

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon where I co-lead the Cryo-hydro Lab for Earth Observation (CLEO). Students in my group are mapping seasonal snow depths using a LiDAR drone, modeling surface energy balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet, remote sensing precipitation from space, and investigating coastal ice accessibility.  For more information see Research page.